Monday, January 20, 2003

So I am back to work after 2 days off. It's the coldest it's been this season (lows in the 30's) and we lost electricity twice this weekend. It went off sunday morning around 4am and James woke up crying that the lights broke. Then I had to find my cell phone and call the electric company to report it, turn off the computer and UPS to stop the beeping. Crawl back into bed with James between us and try to get more sleep.I did sleep until Joshua got up and I heard him in the kitchen.

We went to Irma's mothers house for lunch which turned out to be dinner because of a malfunctioning railroad crossing. Traffic was backed up and there was a cop on the other side of the road holding the gate open for them while our side sqeezed 3 lanes to 1 lane to go around. We left the house at 1pm and got there at 4pm and it usually takes just less than an hour. I was falling asleep so I was shocked to see the time. I'm glad I missed it.

I was craving pancakes and farina since morning so she made that for me. Her mother spoils me. Irma asked me how many I wanted and I said 3 but she already made 6 and then added more. I was stuffed and I got rid of the pancake craving for a while. Plus farina and hot chocolate. And she kept offering more. I never want to eat again!

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