Friday, January 10, 2003

"To deep clean your tile and grout use sulfamic acid". That's what it said on one of those do it yourself tv shows. Well, no. First, I used a product called Tile-Aid. It's a tile restorer and it works just about as well as water alone. Don't waste your money.

The sulfamic acid has warning labels: Wear gloves and safety glasses. And it may etch some tile. Do not get it on metal surfaces. Wow, this will surely work. Sorry Charlie, it works better than Tile-Aid but just doesn't do the job.

There is a product at Home Depot called ZEP (it may be the heavy duty toilet cleaner that I'm thinking about) and it works like nothing I've ever seen. Just spray it on and the hard water deposits melt away. That's what I'm talking about! They didn't have it when I went, so I got the sulfamic acid. I hate it when that happens. I should say I have very, very hard water and no water softener. Yet.

During the Godzilla movie I heard them say "they look really pissed off". I said "What did he say"? Joshua repeats it, then James says it too. Great. Why does he have to pick up every word. I didn't remember Godzilla movies having language like that but this movie turns out to be a 90's remake of Godzilla and Mothra. But it looks like the original. They use a few more choice words too. And now I can't get the Mothra song out of my head.

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