Thursday, January 09, 2003

Today it's a beautiful day! After the cold weather we've been having it's such a relief. The kids have been outside riding their bikes - James loves to be outside. When we were coming home from picking up Joshua from school James yells out " Hey dad, look, a cool car"! I looked at him, then to my left - it was a yellow VW New Beetle. He has a matchbox like it.

He's really beginning to pick up alot of words now. The other day when I was changing him he was singing and he says " one, two, three, four, five, seven, nine". I tried to get him to repeat it but he won't do it if you ask him. He's a lot of fun. During the day he'll play quietly with his toys, sometimes watching TV, sometimes he turns it off. Joshua can't live without the TV on. He likes me to set up his blocks so he can knock them down. When Joshua gets home he starts getting too excited though. They really play rough sometimes and usually Joshua ends up the one crying. Most times they play nice, like now. Joshua is ten, James will be three Feb. 28.

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