Friday, January 17, 2003

I found some web cams to post here.

Port of Yokohama Has camera controls.


A Tokyo cam With controls.

Zaimokuza Beach Controls.

Hakuba Panarama Cam

Earth cam

This is not a camera, it's music. Explore, or just listen. John Coltrane. Good stuff.

I went back to feeling like crap today. And James knows when to take advantage. He was such a bugger today and ended up in his crib in timeout about 3 times. Most days he behaves much better and I rarely put him in timeout unless Joshua is home getting him riled up. Then they both go. I barely made it till Irma came home.

We never used to see any cats in our neighborhood, suddenly, in the past year I count about six different cats wondering about and hanging out in our yard. I beginning to get tired of it. I don't think anyone on our street owns them and I've seen some of the same cats a couple of blocks away on occasion. I enjoy the wildlife that we have in our area, but cats are not wildlife and they disturb the other animals. Especially the birds. I just love it when the turkeys come by and sit around the yard.

I don't know what I can do about it. Maybe I can find something to chase them away. I'm not a cat hater by any means, I just think it is irresponsible to let your pets wander the neighborhood, even cats. I like dogs too, but I don't want other peoples dogs in my yard. I don't let my snakes out to cruise the hood. That would take care of the cat problem though.

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