Wednesday, January 22, 2003

One of the many things that annoyed me about my Windows computer is that despite being a multi-tasking operating system, it doesn't do it very well. Whenever I'm playing an mp3 and open another program the music would inevitably skip a number of times while the other program opened. And when burning a cd you can forget about doing anything else. I just tried it on the Mac and it didn't so much as skip a beat. I played a mp3 and opened 4 other programs at the same time. Perfect. I haven't yet done it while burning a cd but I have a feeling it will give the same results. I have nothing but praise for Mac OS X. Microsoft promised XP was a stable, solid operating system that wouldn't crash - they lied. They lied again. Mac OS X is everything they promised in XP and more. It doesn't crash and reboot itself. You don't have to reboot it to solve little problems that creep up or get it to recognize the cd burner. Mac OS X just works. For everything I've done so far it just works. I'm happy!

Here's a 2 part article I found very interesting about a defector from Saddam Hussain. Part 1 and Part 2. Brought to you by the DEBKAfile.

Here's one entitled Will Europe Become a Super Power? It came from Online Pravda. It is coming.

Fools rush in: Human Being Originated from Anteater?

WorldNetDaily ran this: United States of America ? a timid giant? This is a must read.

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