Monday, January 27, 2003

I heard a couple of ambulances go by and 15 minutes later I hear a helicopter overhead. That can only mean one thing at this corner - someone traveling on sr 535 went through the light at hwy 192. The problem is you can't. I've seen about 5 cars go through that light and hit the hotel on the other side and everytime the helicopter lands in the road out front. This time it didn't hit the hotel because the owner put a solid concrete wall up to stop the worked! Pieces of the car kept going, but the car stopped!

So I decided to walk out to see what happened and the helicopter came directly overhead as it was looking to land. I thought it wanted to land where I was walking but he landed it in the street. It felt like a hurricanne and it blew sand and junk all over the place. I had to duck behind a car to get out of it. So the car hit the wall at high speed and pieces of the car and wall kept going and scattered through the parking lot. A headlight was right in front of the lobby and I found his radar detector and various other car parts too. What a mess. Small cars don't do well after hitting a solid object. It took 2 helicopters to evac the people.

Today was not a good car day. I had to break down and buy 4 tires and an alignment for mine. It couldn't wait any longer. The VW has an oil leak and small coolant leak in the back of the engine where you can't reach. I can see it in a mirror but there is no way to get your hand in there. And I repacked the cv joints but apparently didn't quite get one back together properly and I have to take it apart and redo it. They are the tightest cv joints I have ever seen and you need a special tool to take them off, and putting them back on isn't any easier. When I took the first one apart I noticed the teeth were damaged from the last mechanic who did it. Maybe I did the same to the other? The Eurovan is a very nice van but be prepared to spend big bucks to get it fixed if it breaks. And be warned that most every repair shop will say they can work on it but it requires special tools for many mundane items and you may be stranded in a hotel overnight waiting for the dealer to open for some silly little thing like an accessory belt. It happened to me in Delaware. Now I carry that (expensive) tool.

Another of the many fatal problems plaguing the U.S.A. (and it doesn't look like it will be fixed) is the illegal immigration problem. Michelle Malkin chimes in.

How about this: Booby-trapped donkey blown up near Israeli bus. Do you think the animal rights people will join the war on terrorism now? Naaahhh. America is the bigger enemy, right?

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