Wednesday, January 01, 2003

Website of the day: Model A Ford Club of America

Which reminds me: T Model Ford: Bad Man

We had some serious rain all evening and into the night - finally clearing around 2am. I'm glad it wasn't me out there watching the fireworks at Disney! I could hear them though, I thought it was thunder at first. It was raining so hard for so long everything is flooded here at the hotel. The lawn and flower beds are overflowing onto the sidewalks. Water was seaping in the side door in the lobby. There must have been alot of people at Pleasure Island because they've been coming in here all night. One guy needed to put his clothes in the dryer. The streets were flooded too. There was a car stuck in the road on my way to work and my car missed a couple of times, I was just hoping not to stall.

Now I'm just so tired I want to go home. Irma took the kids to her mothers for the night so I can get some sleep when I go home. James got his hair cut yesterday. He wanted to get it cut and was so good waiting. He just played with some Monster Inc toys they had. When it was his turn he sat down and held still but after the barber got done cutting around his ears James announced he was "done". He did sit nicely for the rest of the cut but he kept looking around and saying he was done every few minutes. Joshua and I got our hair cut too - uneventfully of course.

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