Sunday, January 05, 2003

I came across this blog yesterday: dnainjapan - it hasn't been updated since August but it talks about the hot summers in Tokyo. It brought back alot of memories for me, so I especially enjoyed reading it. I was stationed at Yokota AB in Fussa, a suburb of Tokyo. On those hot days we'd take our motorcycles up to the mountains, to Okutama I believe. There was a reservoir there and it was cooler but I found a little road leading further up the mountain and if you park and walk back into the woods there was a waterfall and a natural pool that was so beautiful and inviting. The only problem was it was so much cooler there you didn't want to go swimming anymore! Talk about a tease!

I found another new (to me anyway) religion: Volkswagenism Now, I've always liked Volkswagens and I own one but come on people! I know, I know, tongue in cheek.

HBO is not doing too bad tonight. I saw Don't Say a Word. I've seen it before but I like that movie, even though I didn't think I would when it came out. Now they're showing Men of Honor. I like that one too. And at 4:30 am: A Beautiful Mind - I've never seen it but from what I've heard of it I most likely will watch it. I can't put 100% attention to it anyway.

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